Principle of Sustainability

The management and employees of Swd Lubricants GmbH. & Co.KG, the largest lubricants manufacturer in North Rhine Westphalia, documented their understanding of quality and  safety as well as health and environmental in its management manual.

The satisfaction of the customer, the safety of all work procedures, the health of employees, the environment and the quality of work processes and services are our highest demands.This includes the general security, the indispensable compliance with legal and technical safety regulations, avoiding disease and promoting development the staff in view Awareness of.

The customer determines the measure of the quality. The quality refers to the safety of any of our products and services. Compliance with the established quality is economical and avoids unnecessary costs. The quality preservation and evolution is an ongoing process, an important part of our work and especially a management task. Quality and safety begins in the mind and brings success. Quality and safety must never be a result of chance and is independently planned by the personal attitude and defines us.

Error prevention has priority over error detection. Every workplace must be used properly and safely from the start. The goal is 100% correct” right the first time, do not tolerate mistakes and do everything possible to avoid them and to recognize and eliminate their causes.

The protection of people, the preservation of the integrity of high-quality and hazardous products against loss by intentional destruction or theft and the protection of manufacturer-information given into the custody of third parties, compliance with legal and safety-related provisions are extremely important.

It is obligation of secrecy with regard to all processes within our company and the customers operations. Violations will not be tolerated.

„It is the duty and responsibility of each employee/associate to pay attention to his/her own health and safety and that of his/her colleague/colleagues and any other person in connection with his/her work.“ The successful cooperation of our employees takes place under fair conditions.

All managers and employees are instructed to follow the rules of our management system; at the same time they are encouraged to develop proposals for the development and ongoing system improvement in their field. We have created the right environment and provide the necessary resources. We only work with partners (suppliers, subcontractors, freight forwarders), who have the same qualitative targets as we do.

Mangement board
Swd Lubricants GmbH & Co. KG
Duisburg, July 2008

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