Care Care


The spray is a care agent for plastic-sheathed dashboards and door panels. Blunt surfaces become semi glossy. Deep invade into the plastic-material provides long-term constant effect. Cares and protects without oiling. Cockpit care agent is antistatic and dust-rejecting.

Silicone Spray

Wasserabweisender silikonhaltiger Schmierstoff der für Metall, Gummi und Kunststoff eingesetzt wird. Das Spray bildet einen wasserabweisenden Gleit- und Schutzfilm. Er bietet Schutz gegen Feuchtigkeit und Korrosion, er beseitigt Quietschen und sorgt für dauerhafte Elastizität. · anhaltend wasserabweisend · farb- und geruchlos · zuverlässiger Rostschutz · hohe Gleitwirkung · anwendbar von -40 bis + 200°C

Brake Cleaner

Effective and material-protective cleaning of brakes, carburetors, clutches and transmission parts. The cleaner improves adhesion factor at brakes and clutches.

Spray onto the parts you like to clean and let it drip off.
Finish strong dirt with a brush or towel.

Engine Cleaner

Engine cleaner spray to remove oil, fat and other contaminations from engine blocks, machines and tools. High cleaning power. Prevents oxidation of electric connections and corrosion of plastics and rubber. Does not damage coated and Chrome-plated surfaces.

Wheel Rim Cleaner

Alkaline cleaner with wheels gloss, emulsifying. Easily removes brake pad wear, dirt road, oils and greases from steel and all steel and aluminum rims.

Vehicle Cleaner

Universal automotive cleaner for interior and exterior maintenance of rubber, plastic metal and fabric elements of the vehicle.

Insect remover

Removes effortlessly insects from glass and chrome.

Rust remover with MoS

Swd Rheinol Rust Remover mit MoS2 – is an effective agent for the removal of rust and its new formation.

Excellent anti-blocking Agent for all moving parts.

Avoids screeching noises and keeps Prevents corrosion and oxidation.
Neutral against plastics,coatings and metals.

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