Universal Oils for Agricultural and Construction Machinery

Unitractol STOU · SAE 10W-30

Universal oil for supplying any machinery and units in the agricultural sector.

ACEA E3-96
Allison C4-4
Case NH MAT3525/3526
Ford M2C 159B+C
Masseey Fuerguson M 1139 / 1144 / 1145
John Deere JDM 27
ZF TE-MIL-06A / -06B / -06C / -07B
MB 227.1 / MB 228.1
Caterpillar TO-2
HVLP-D 68 according to DIN 51524 part 3 (excepted demulsibility)

Unitractol TOU · SAE 80W-85W

For supplying transmissions, hydraulics and wet brakes in tractors, forestry and construction machinery of any types.

DIN 51 524, part 2 (HLPD) and part 3 (HVLP)
Allison C-3/C-4
Ford M2C134D / M2C86A-C
Massey Ferguson M 1143/1145
John Deere J20C/D
ZF TE-ML-03E / -06
Case MS 1204-1207/1209/1210
Deutz Hydr Trans Fluid
Caterpillar TO-2

Hytractol UTTO

Hydraulic transmission fluid for tractors, forestry-, construction- and agrarian machineries to supply universally gears, hydraulics, clutches and wet breakes.

Specification/Recommendation: API GL-4
HVLP-D according to DIN 51 524, part 3
(excepted demulsibility)
Allison C-4
Ford ESN-M2C134D, Ford ESN-M2C86-B / -C, Ford NH 420A / 410 B
Massey Ferguson CMS M1135/1141/1143/1145
John Deere JDM J20C/D
ZF-TE ML 03E/05F/06K /17E
Case New Holland CNH MAT-3505/-3509/-3525
Case MS 1207/1209/1210
Volvo CE WB 101
Kubota UDT Fluid
AXO 80 (KE507.866)
Caterpillar TO-2

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