Automotive, engine oils, industrial oils and specialties

We produce our own high-quality automotive oils, industrial lubricants and specialities.
Our highly modern filling plants have a capacity of up to 80.000 tons p.a.
Our range begins with the 1 litre bottle, continues with 20, 60, and 208 litres barrels and ends
with 1000L containers full tank car loads.

Our customers are garages, medium-size companies from various industrial sectors,
trading organisations and the big industry.

· 93 tanks of 6 m³ to 1.500 m³ with a total capacity of 9.000 m³

· 14 blender of 1 to 40 m³

· 12 mixing tanks of 150 to 250 m³

· 12 automatic and semi-automatic filling lines, for the filling of 0,25 L cans up to 1.000 L containers

· 2 x 50-tons weighbridges for the loading of tank trucks